Special treatment for me, but not for thee?

President Joe Biden last week blasted the Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday ruling against affirmative action programs at Harvard and the University of North Carolina, a decision that could remake higher education policies across the country.

In a speech following the court’s decision, Biden also pledged to crack down on elite universities’ practice of “legacy admissions,” in which relatives of previous graduates are given preferential treatment in admissions.

“Practices like legacy admissions and other systems expand privilege instead of opportunity,” Biden said.

However, Biden himself contacted University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann in 2018 as his granddaughter Maisy Biden applied to the school, according to The Washington Free Beacon.At the behest of Hunter Biden, Maisy Biden’s father, the then-former vice president said he was going to try to speak to “[University of Pennsylvania] Pres GUTMANN tomorrow” in a Dec. 2018 text.
The elder Biden — who is affiliated with a school of international relations at the elite university — later disclosed that he had discussed the topic of Maisy Biden’s admission in a subsequent text.

“Had a great talk with Guttman [sic] Maisy still in the game for regular acceptance,” the elder Biden told his son — himself amid a spiraling drug addiction.

The elder Biden urged his son to arrange tutoring for Maisy.

“We should talk about tutors etc starting tomorrow,” he wrote, according to the Free Beacon.

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