Former Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake may be a bigger threat to the left than initially believed after what she revealed this week.

Lake, who narrowly lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs last November and has been battled in court over allegations of voting and ballot improprieties ever since says she was offered a great deal of money and a cushy corporate job to stay out of politics and agree not to run for anything in 2024.

“A couple of months ago, I had a call from a very powerful person in Arizona who said I have to come over and talk to you in person. This can’t be done on the phone,” Lake told radio talk show host Eric Metaxas on Tuesday as she was promoting her new book, “Unafraid: Just Getting Started.”

She said a man showed up at her residence and offered her “a prestigious job title, a large salary and a position on a board if I will just promise to not run in this next election ‘24.”

Lake said she responded with incredulity: “Really, are you serious? I walked away from a prestigious job. I walked away from money. I’m not motivated by that.”

In March 2021, Lake resigned as the evening news anchor for the Fox affiliate in Phoenix. Within a few months, she announced her bid for governor.

She told the radio host that after she managed to get the man out of her house, he then made another open-ended offer to her.

“He said, ‘How much would it take? What would it take? Just for two years,’” she explained.

“They don’t want me on the ballot. They don’t want Trump on the ballot because they know, ‘We the people’ will show up and vote in droves,” Lake said.

“And they know that if they pull another rigged election,” she added. “First of all, it’s going to be a lot harder because we know every which way that they are cheating, and I think they know they can’t pull another one like that.”

Lake added that she the offer to get her not to run is a sign that she needs to stay in politics even though it’s a cutthroat, often corrupt profession.

“I haven’t decided what I’m going to do next. There is a Senate seat that’s going to be up for grabs this go-around,” she said, making a reference to Sen. Kirsten Sinema, a former Democrat-turned-Independent who has yet to announce whether she’s running for reelection next year.

That said, “The Wall Street Journal reported in April that Sinema is preparing to run for re-election as an independent, which would make for an unpredictable three-way contest featuring her, the presumptive Democratic nominee [Rep. Reuben] Gallego, and whoever prevails in the Republican primary,” The Western Journal noted.

The Western Journal noted further:

Polling for a potential three-way race is scarce, but one poll by OH Predictive Insights conducted in late January and early February with 1,000 registered voters showed Gallego ahead of Lake by single digits and Sinema by double digits.

poll released in April found Lake the heavy favorite to win the GOP primary in the Senate race with 38 percent support, followed by former 2022 gubernatorial candidate and developer Karrin Taylor Robson at 10 percent, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb at 8 percent, and 2022 Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters at 7 percent.

In March, however, a survey by Blueprint Polling found that Lake was leading by 4 points over Gallego and by 22 points over incumbent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who switched her party registration from Democrat to Independent.

“An early 2023 survey of likely general election voters illustrates that Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s path to
reelection is both complicated and unprecedented. Sinema runs a distant third in a hypothetical three-way race in the general that also includes 2022 GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Democratic
Congressman Ruben Gallego,” the survey found.

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