President Joe Biden raised new concerns about his mental status on Thursday evening during a live television interview that did not go as smoothly as Democrats would have liked.

Nicole Wallace, the far-left host of MSNBC’s “Deadline” program, was finishing up a softball interview with the president when Biden slowly rose to get out of his seat.

“Mr. President, thank you,” she said as Biden then walked over and shook her hand.

In a clip, Biden can be seen walking off-set behind Wallace as she is looking into the camera to preview the next show segment.

“Don’t go anywhere. It’s a very exciting day around here,” Wallace said to her audience. “We’ll have reaction and analysis to everything we just heard from the president.”

During the interview, Biden, 80, also experienced several uncomfortable moments, one of which was when he mistakenly interchanged the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution while discussing the Supreme Court’s decision on the unconstitutionality of race-based college admissions.

“Its value system is different, and its respect for our institutions is different,” Biden said in reference to the Supreme Court. “And in that sense, it’s not as embracing of all, what I think the con—the Constitution says, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal, endowed by their creator.’ It’s the uniqueness of America – we’ve never fully lived up to it, we never walked away from it. And this court seems to say, ‘No, that’s not always the case.’ The idea that there’s no right of privacy in the Constitution, giving states power that we fought a war over in 1960 [sic]. You know, I just think it’s — this is not your father’s Republican Party.”

The supposed Constitution quote is actually from the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

Meanwhile, Biden and his campaign got more bad news ahead of the weekend regarding voter confidence in him for a second term.
According to a new national survey conducted for NBC News, more than two-thirds of registered voters, or 68 percent, said they have moderate to major concerns about Biden “not having the necessary mental and physical health” to be president, a staggering 17-point increase from when voters were asked the same question in October 2020.
“The new poll shows 32% of voters said they have little to no real concerns, which is a drop from the 48% of voters who responded similarly in October 2020, roughly a month before the November presidential election that year,” the Daily Wire reported, citing the survey.

The same survey found a lower percentage of voters — but still a majority at 55 percent — felt the same about Trump, who just turned 77.

A survey published last month revealed similar findings and sentiments about Biden.

According to an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, a majority of Americans, by a 62 percent-to-36 percent margin, think Biden does not have the mental capacity to continue serving as president beyond his first term.

“Biden did, however, actually see a slight increase in his approval rating to 45%, up 4 points from last month. That indicates there will likely be a significant number of people who believe there are serious concerns about Biden’s mental fitness but will vote for him anyway,” NPR reported.

Trump, who is the current 2024 GOP frontrunner, did better, with 52 percent saying it was a concern compared to 43 percent who said it isn’t.

Earlier this month, Biden appeared to require assistance leaving a stage after delivering a speech and ending hit with a strange statement.

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