While former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate has been the center of attention regarding the Justice Department’s investigation into his alleged retention of classified documents, it appears federal investigators have also eyed Trump’s Bedminster golf club.

Since the FBI’s August 2022 raid on Mar-a-Lago, prosecutors have alleged the former president violated the Espionage Act by illegally retaining classified documents after having left office.

One-hundred classified documents were recovered in the raid, according to the New York Times.

Believing more documents would be found at Trump’s 520-acre Bedminster, New Jersey, residence, investigators working for special counsel Jack Smith attempted to secure a warrant to search that particular property, according to the Times.

Sources briefed on the investigation told the Times that the only way they could determine if there actually were classified documents at Bedminster was to have searched the property.


Their lack of probable cause ultimately led a judge to deny their request for a warrant, the Times reported.

The news of this attempted raid comes as Bedminster has also become the focal point of an audio recording made at the estate in July 2021.

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