NBC News just did the latest round of its polls on Vice Presidential popularity and what it found will come as no surprise to anyone who has heard the grating sound her cackle makes on the ears or any Democrat that refused to vote for her in the primary, which is to say almost all of them.

What the poll found is that just 32 percent of those polled have a positive view of Vice President Kamala Harris. That’s compared to the 49 percent that have a negative view of her. Making the result yet worse is that 39 percent of those polled have a “very negative” view of her, indicating that more people have a very negative view of VP Kamala Harris than have any sort of positive attitude about her.

Further, her net negative rating of -17 is the lowest ever for the poll. In March of 1995 it was +15 for Al Gore, in May of 2003 it was +23 for Dick Cheney, in December of 2010 it was +1 for Joe Biden, and in October of 2019 it was -4 for Mike Pence.

Putting Kamala’s -17 in perspective, it’s worse than other Vice Presidents even at the worst moments in their time in the Naval Observatory. Mike Pence made it through all of Covid, even after being put in charge of dealing with Covid by Trump, without hitting that low a net negative. Dick Cheney, even after the Great Recession started, the Iraq War was going abysmally, and he shot his friend in the face while quail hunting didn’t get that low a net negative.


Predictably, the usual suspects tried blaming that on Americans being…you guessed it, racist and sexist. Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher told Axios, “[It] shouldn’t surprise anyone that there is going to be a different filter and a different focus put on the first woman to ever be Vice President of the United States, particularly a woman of color.” But, Belcher added that the unfavorability of presidents and vice presidents is normally similar, so Kamala’s dismal results make sense in light of what YouGov reports as being Biden’s 17-point net negative favorability.

Rather than racism or sexism, it looks like Americans just realize the dimwitted duo is doing a terrible job of governing as recession appears imminent, race relations are terrible, crime looks more and more prevalent, and inflation continues to roil the nation.

Beyond the present, there’s something in Kamala’s record to infuriate and put off everyone. Leftists hate her because she, while the Attorney General of California, locked up many minority men on drug charges. Conservatives detest her current leftist politics and reliance on her race and sex to try and get people to vote for her. Then there’s her obvious vapidity, as seen by her word salad responses to easy questions, and her ear-grating cackle. Those traits likely bother anyone who has to watch her, even her staunchest supporters.

It remains to be seen if Biden’s sticking with unpopular Kamala for the 2024 election or if he’ll choose someone less terrible in the hope of boosting his popularity.

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