Former Fox News star Tucker Carlson made a stunning prediction in his seventh Twitter monologue that he posted to the platform on Wednesday regarding President Joe Biden’s political future.

Carlson, who is reportedly still under contract with Fox, said he believes the Democratic Party is ready to kick both Biden and his unpopular vice president, Kamala Harris, to the curb ahead of the 2024 election and replace Biden with a radical leftist who is more “ruthless.”

The host remarked that Biden’s senility appears to be getting worse and that there is no way he has another five years left in him — one left on his current term and four more if he wins reelection — to remain lucid and competent.

And he says Democrats know that, so he thinks California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom is “waiting” in the wings.

But not only does that mean the party will have to move on from Biden and push him to retire, they will have to find a replacement for Harris, who just became the least popular vice president in recent history, according to a new poll.

Carlson said there’s only one political leader the Democrats can get to replace the current regime who has enough charisma to win, and that’s California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“The people who control Joe Biden — Susan Rice and the rest — know they can continue to run our government — writing the press releases, formulating the policies — and they can do it effectively forever as long as Joe Biden gets dressed in the morning,” Tucker said. “And, of course, that’s their strong preference. These are fervent opponents of change.

“But the one thing these people cannot control is aging,” he continued. “Joe Biden is old. He’s 80 now. He’ll be 85 at the end of the next term. … When old people start to slide, they tend to slide fast. Joe Biden has begun that descent.

“In a year or two, he will be gone completely, and there will be no hiding it,” Tucker predicted. “At that point, the Democratic Party will face a succession problem. If Joe Biden is re-elected next year and then forced to leave office during his term due to disability or death, that means Kamala Harris will become president of the United States. And nobody wants that, not even her husband.”


“In real life, nobody likes Kamala Harris. That’s not an attack on her. In fact, it’s possible to feel pity for someone who’s so universally reviled,” Tucker went on. “It is instead an observation of unchanging physical reality like gravity or photosynthesis: Nobody wants Kamala Harris to be president. No one will benefit if she becomes president.”

“So logic suggests there’s going to be a change. It’s going to have to be somebody else,” the former top Fox prime-time host added. “And whoever that person is, is going to have to enter the race soon — before the election, after Biden drops out. Who could that person be?”

“We don’t know, obviously. This is all just guessing,” he said. “But we do know whoever that is will have to have two essential criteria. They’ll have to be as shallow, ruthless, and transactional as Joe Biden is, and he’ll need to have flattery skills that are so polished and advanced they’d be considered superior even in the Saudi royal court.

“And there’s only one man in modern America who fits that description,” Tucker went on. “Gavin Newsom, the governor of California and, perhaps not coincidentally, Joe Biden’s new closest friend.”

He noted that Newsom recently claimed to be “mesmerized” by Biden. “Imagine saying that as a compliment. You couldn’t do it,” Tucker said of Newsom’s shady compliment. “Few human beings could do it. But Gavin Newsom had no problem at all. Those words rolled right off his forked tongue. He never stopped smiling.”

“So if you’re looking for the leader of the coup, there he is right there,” Carlson concluded.

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