Ana Navarro gets “family,” but it’s “values” she must have a problem with.

The co-host on “The View” made a major splash on Monday when she tugged every heartstring in her audience with an emotional defense of President Joe Biden and his endlessly corrupt son Hunter by claiming that Biden was simply demonstrating a “father’s love.”

When it caused an uproar on social media, Navarro lashed out again in a way that made it even worse — and got hit worse in return.

Her original comments came during a discussion on “The View” about the propriety of Hunter Biden making a high-profile appearance at last week’s state dinner at the White House only days after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax crimes and avoiding prosecution on a gun crime in a sweetheart deal with the same Justice Department his father oversees.

Naturally, “The View” panel largely lacked criticism of the Bidens — even alleged “Republicans” are Democrats once they get on “The View” — but Navarro pushed the envelope further than the rest with a tear-jerking appeal to the supposed nobility of the president’s devotion to his fatherly duties.

First, she noted that Biden, besides the death of his elder son, Beau, in 2015, had lost a young daughter in the car accident that killed his first wife in 1972 (the accident Biden has lied about repeatedly since).

Navarro then declared that Joe Biden’s protectiveness toward the drug-addled, influence-peddling embarrassment named Hunter is simply the desire of a man to protect his offspring.

“The Hunter Biden story, the scandal, the this or that, is also the story of a father’s love,” she said. “And Joe Biden has never and will never give up on his son Hunter. He will never treat him lesser-than.

“And so he is a father first, take it or leave it. That’s who he is, that is part of his heart…

“Part of the reason Hunter Biden has been able to get out of addiction is because Joe Biden embraced him entirely the entire time, when he was vice president, when he was a candidate, when he was out of office, and now as president.”

Well, to get one obvious point out of the way, there is no telling what goes on in a man’s heart, and there’s no telling the course that drug addiction will take in any individual.

But it wouldn’t be cynical to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Hunter Biden’s access to virtually limitless sums of money thanks to whoring out his family’s name

 might not have fed his hunger for drugs.

And only a blind fool could not ask whether Hunter’s ability to live a life free of any legal consequences for his “mistakes,” thanks to his father’s political power, might have had a teensy bit to do with the fact that this middle-aged man-child was able to cavort through most of his adult life indulging in rampant drug abuse while careening from one ludicrously overpaid position to another (and enjoy the company of highly paid prostitutes in the process).

In short, Navarro giving credit to the elder Biden for his son’s alleged life of current recovery from addiction is a sword that very much cuts both ways.

Navarro’s schtick drew the expected applause from the puppets in “The View’s” studio audience, but it got hammered on social media.

Here’s a small sample of a very large number:

On Monday afternoon, hours after the show was over, she struck back with her own Twitter post, proving just how much she missed the point:

“RW troll machine got me trending, attacking me for saying this on @TheView,” she wrote, using lefty geek-speak for “right-wing.”

“Imagine calling yourself the ‘family values party’ & being outraged I’m talking about a father’s unconditional love for his child. Imagine thinking a dad not giving up on his kid, is a bad thing. #Sad.”

She shouldn’t have tried. It only showed Navarro seemed to think “family values” means unconditional love for relatives without any of the values that matter:  Honesty, integrity, honor, patriotism, respect for work and respect for women — the kind of things Hunter Biden spent decades of his life proving he’s lacked completely. (Since he’s supposedly clean now, things might be different, but the record of the past is clear as a new crack pipe.)

Navarro’s tweet also highlighted a pretty glaring hole in the Biden “family values” saga: The little girl in Arkansas who’s Hunter’s daughter and a granddaughter of Joe and Jill Biden, as much a blood member of the Biden clan as any of Hunter’s other children — and who is being abandoned by the Biden family ensconced in wealth and power in the nation’s capital.

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