Fox News anchor Bret Baier is denying that he communicated with the Justice Department before interviewing Donald Trump.

Baier’s sit-down interview with the former president was notable for several reasons, but most prominently because, as lawyers pointed out, Trump appeared to have admitted to obstructing justice.

During the interview, Baier asked Trump why he didn’t return the boxes of documents requested by the National Archives and Records Administration, which then obtained a subpoena for the documents. Trump replied that he was busy.

The interview led Trump supporters to accuse Fox News of being in cahoots with the Justice Department to entrap Trump.

The Fox News anchor directly responded to an accusation on Wednesday that claimed, “The big question is did @BretBaier have any contact with the DOJ to try and entrap @realDonaldTrump into incriminating himself. Who wrote his questions. The DOJ will be using his interview against him.”

According to Baier, it is unequivocally false to suggest he was recruited to help investigators.

“I’ll answer that. No. I wrote my own questions,” he said. “And frankly I didn’t know that I would get much on the indictment questions assuming he might say he couldn’t talk about it. Thanks for watching.”

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