The Fox News show “The Five has a tendency to get feisty and that was the case again when cohost Jessica Tarlov got into it with fellow cohost Jeanine Pirro over the Hunter Biden texts.

Transcripts from interviews with IRS whistleblowers by Republicans allege to show that the Department of Justice tampered with the Hunter Biden investigation.

The whistleblowers allege that the President Joe Biden’s son got “preferential treatment” and that officials at high levels of the Department of Justice hampered U.S. Attorney David Weiss’  investigation.

But Weiss, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, said that there was no interference and that he had ultimate authority over all of the decision making in the case, but Pirro does not believe that.

“Big, if true. The same thing that you have to say about all of this. I mean, James Comer and Chuck Grassley, Jim Jordan, Nancy Mace have all gone on TV and talked about things like–and it’s a very intricate story. I can’t follow all of it. I don’t know all the names as well as you do. But I know that they haven’t been able to produce the goods yet. We were promised tapes a week and a half ago by Chuck Grassley,” Tarlov said before Pirro interrupted her.

“They’ve got the whistleblowers,” Pirro said.

“No, well–,” Tarlov said before Pirro interrupted again.

“I’m not asking about the tapes,” Pirro said. “I’m asking you about the whistleblowers.”

“But I’m giving you a complete answer that will involve the whistleblowers. I want to say for the record that the informant that Rudy Giuliani talked about [is] missing. Giuliani had to recant on that. Chuck Grassley – more highly respected than the rest of them – talked about–,” Tarlov said.

“Oh, so we’re gonna go through the history of whistleblowers,” Pirro said.

“Ok, so let’s get to Gary Shapley, one of your whistleblowers – the career guy. There are three core claims that he had made about what went on that have already been refuted. First and foremost, he said that Garland lied to Congress, saying that Weiss had total authority. Weiss…,” Tarlov said.


PIRRO: He did, I just told you he did!

TARLOV: You don’t know–

PIRRO: The United States Attorney–

TARLOV: Stop it! That’s a separate point of this.


TARLOV: Weiss himself told Jim Jordan on June 7th that that was not true, and that he did have complete authority. Second–

PIRRO: Of course he’s gonna say that. He wants to keep his job at this point. He delivered the goods!

TARLOV: Could you just let me get through it and then you can keep going? The second point about this. He alleged – Shapley – that Weiss asked to be a special counsel, which you already talked about and Garland has refuted that. If you wanna just say that everybody in Christendom is a liar, that’s one thing. But I’m gonna trust the attorney general, especially one who testified under oath.

Third point, Shapley alleges that there was political interference and that Weiss was denied the right to charge Hunter Biden in D.C. Now, the D.C. U.S. Attorney got in touch, went to the Washington Post last night and he said that’s absolutely not true, that he could’ve been charged anywhere. So there was no political interference whatsoever.

I’ve maintained from the beginning that if all of what you say is true and they’re, you know, like the Gottis, that I will believe you if the facts are shown to me and I can actually see it and there are direct lines between all of this. That has not been done yet and this whistleblower, having three core components to their testimony about what happened being refuted already–

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