This week, We the People finally got the truth about the Russiagate hoax.

Most of us have known from the start, but the media has done its best to hide it.

TV networks hired some of the same people responsible for throwing our country into turmoil — such as former CIA head John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper — as so-called analysts.

Book publishers signed others — such as ex-FBI Director James Comey — to million-dollar deals.

And the press as a whole has run cover for the corruption of another who they pushed into the highest office in the land, Barack Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden.

But this week, there was no hiding the truth — special counsel John Durham testified publicly before Congress that the FBI and Justice Department conspired against Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, his presidency and us, the American electorate.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you voted for Trump — interfering with elections is a violation of our sacred right to choose our leaders.

According to Durham, a July 2016 memo from Brennan explained that the narrative accusing Trump of colluding with Russia was a political dirty trick. Russiagate was engineered by the Hillary Clinton campaign to deflect attention from her own problems with the unsecured private email server she’d used to conduct government business during her term as the Obama administration’s secretary of state.

All of Obama’s top officials, including Obama himself, knew she was mishandling classified information. And, according to Durham’s testimony, they all knew Russiagate was fake from the start.


And yet the FBI continued to hunt Trump and his aides, including retired Gen. Michael Flynn. Comey himself was running the dirty operation, according to Durham’s report. He was directing FBI agents to push harder to forge the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Comey wasn’t just trying to get Trump — he was also covering up for Clinton in case any of the emails from her private server were leaked, likely to give evidence of massive corruption.

And now the cover-up continues by those same corrupted U.S. institutions targeting Trump and the American voter, with a ginned-up indictment of the former president and frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination.

The charges they’ve wrongly brought against Trump regarding classified documents are the exact charges that the same institutions should have brought against Clinton.

The war on Trump is a war on Americans and an affront to the integrity of our elections.

For seven years, corrupt government agencies have waged a relentless attack against the constitutional foundations of our great country, against We the People, and against the commander in chief we chose in November 2016. And still, the assault on our liberties, the war on the republic marches on.

They want us to cower like the terrified and terrorized subjects of a brutal tyrant, but we don’t live in fear.

We’re Americans — we have only begun to fight.

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