A 71-year-old French man has been accused of coordinating a lurid nine-year series of rapes of his wife, who police say was drugged while various men she did not know had sex with her.

The man is only being identified by police as Dominique P. Despite the years of abuse, police say he bizarrely called her a “saint.”

“She was his first love, indeed the only love of his life,” Béatrice Navarro, Dominique’s lawyer, said, according to the New York Post.

The victim filed for divorce after learning of the allegations against her husband, to whom she had been married for more than 50 years. The couple has three children.

Police said the victim was raped routinely between 2011 and 2020.

The Post, citing a report in LeMonde, reported that the victim had contracted four sexually transmitted diseases.

Because Dominique videoed the sexual assaults upon his unsuspecting wife and kept the videos, police have charged 51 men with rape. The men charged are between the ages of 26 and 73.

A report in the Daily Mail said that all told, 83 men raped the woman, but not all have been identified.

Police said Dominique would crush a sedative and slip it into his wife’s dinner.

The victim said she would wake up thinking she had been raped, but then assumed it must have been a dream.

The scheme was exposed in 2020 after Dominique was arrested for trying to video up the skirts of customers in a changing room in a store.


After the arrest, police searched his phone, and came upon images that showed the rapes of his wife. The full catalog of his videos was kept on a flash drive in a file called “abuses.”

Dominique has been charged with aggravated rape and drugging his wife.

The victim is reported to have broken down and said, “I was his thing,” when informed of what had been taking place for nine years.

The Mail said that the scheme involved advertising on a website for total strangers who would come to the couple’s home.

According to the Daily Mirror, great care was taken not to alert the victim or the family’s neighbors.

It reported men were told to wash their hands using hot water to avoid the shock of cold hands, undress in the kitchen so they would leave nothing behind in the bedroom, and park a distance from the house so neighbors would not suspect what was going on.

The Mirror said men who raped the victim were told to avoid tobacco and perfume so no strong smell would wake the victim.

The Mail and Le Monde said Dominique is also a suspect in a 1991 murder.

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