You wouldn’t think even radical Democrats could sink this low.

As the country awaits word on the fate of the submersible vessel that’s gone missing in the North Atlantic on its way to visit the shipwreck of the Titanic, a leftist group distastefully decided to use the occasion to attack a big-name opponent, and even more distastefully try to raise money on the deal.

But if the brains behind the group calling itself Occupy Democrats thought they were onto a gold mine, a Twitter “community note” and a deluge of social media criticism should have set them straight.

First, check out the tweet, which aims to somehow make mega-billionaire and liberal boogeyman Elon Musk a central player in what looks to be a developing tragedy of five adventurers who were still lost below the ocean’s surface Wednesday afternoon:

“Republican billionaire Elon Musk is thrust into another nightmare PR disaster as it’s revealed that the missing Titanic submersible company previously praised his satellite communication company Starlink — and said that it would be ‘relying on’ the service to ‘provide the communications’ for the Titanic Expedition,” it states, before noting that the submersible had lost communication with the surface world.

The implication, of course, is that the Starlink is somehow to blame.

That’s followed by a CYA paragraph acknowledging that “at this point there is no direct indication that Starlink failed or was the cause of this terrifying and possibly tragic incident.”

But the tweet still went on to smear Musk as somehow potentially responsible: “That said, given Musk’s long history of screwups and reckless dishonesty, an investigation should be launched.”

A “community note” attached to the tweet torpedoed even the idea that Starlink — a former of communication that has literally nothing to do with submarine communications — played a role.

“The submersible was not using Starlink for internet access it was for the surface vessel. High frequency radio waves are not capable of operating underwater,” the note states.

(While it was fact-checking, the note could have looked into describing Musk as a “Republican billionaire.” As Twitchy pointed out, that has more to do with Musk’s support for “that pesky ‘free speech’ thing” than any actual party affiliation. He might be willing to vote Republican these days after a lifetime of supporting Democrats, but that says more about contemporary Democrats than it does Elon Musk’s political philosophy.)

As bad as that attempt to taint Musk by an ever-so-tenuous association with the Titanic expedition submersible was, what followed was even worse — a huckster’s spiel to raise money on the lives of five human beings.

It asks readers to retweet if they agree with this insult to both logic and decency and — here’s the kicker — “consider investing in Tribel, a ‘woke’ new Twitter competitor that is currently doing a round of equity crowdfunding and just blew past $1.4 million raised from 3,600 of its users.”


A combination of libelous half-truths and brazen hucksterism, it comes across as tacky and tasteless as a late-night ad for Ginsu knives or chia pets but without even the honesty of a business transaction involved.

You can all but hear the Occupy Democrats offering a free gift to donors who act now — while the lives of five human beings may well be lost in the inky depths of the ocean.

Whatever kind of cash windfall its organizers might have expected, the outpouring of derision had to drown it out:

In the history of human communication, the Occupy Democrats tweet — a money-grubbing grift using the deaths of innocents as bait — was in the subset of those without redeeming qualities (President Joe Biden White House public utterances tend to fall into that and Chuck Schumer’s empty orations from the Senate floor are in there, too.)
Considering the group’s two-word title, though, that’s about what could be expected.
The short-lived “Occupy” movement that flared in 2011 was a progressive echo of the conservative tea party movement — except exactly the opposite. While tea party conservatives were pressing fiscal responsibility and an end to government bailouts, “Occupy” was essentially made up of millions of bloodsucking hipsters and wannabe hipsters with high-sounding rhetoric and rock-bottom aims — looking for a handout from men and women who work for a living.

“Democrats,” meanwhile, has gone from meaning “the party of the working man” to becoming shorthand to describe millions of bloodsucking hipsters and wannabe hipsters, and the charlatans they elect. They pretend they’re smarter than the rest of the country, more moral than the rest of the country, and use the power of the federal government — to force a handout from millions of American men and women who work for a living.

So when a group called “Occupy Democrats” weighs in on a matter of life and death, it’s almost laughably predictable that it will spend the time attacking a successful opponent with malicious insinuation and trying to make a dishonest dollar to boot.

It’s almost predictable. Enough after all this time, it’s hard to believe even they could sink that low.

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