As President Joe Biden continues to demonstrate just how weak of a leader he is, there are many on the left who are looking for alternatives to him in 2024.

Perhaps the biggest name being floated as a replacement for Biden is California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who, to many on the left, offers a better option for the nomination, in the same way that Ron DeSantis offers a better alternative to Donald Trump for many on the right.

Unlike DeSantis, however, Newsom has not yet announced his candidacy for president, nor has he given any public indication that he intends to challenge Biden.

Quite the contrary, in fact, as he has appeared alongside the president at a campaign rally in California. But one moment in that rally may have Newsom thinking that he can take on Joe Biden.

At the end of Biden’s speech on Monday, Democratic Rep. Anna Eshoo shook hands with the president and then proceeded to pull him across the stage to meet attendees.

Biden looked completely dazed, almost as if he had no idea where he was and needed the congresswoman’s help to navigate. All this happened with Newsom watching.

Many on Twitter have been speculating if this spectacle will have Newsom considering a run for the White House, with RNC Research member Jake Schneider tweeting, “I wonder what Gavin Newsom is thinking.”

One Twitter user responded by saying, “Time to jump in,” implying that Newsom should see this as a sign he should enter the 2024 race.


Others, however, focused less on Gavin Newsom’s attendance and more on the fact that Biden was pulled across the stage.

One user even asked, “How can anyone say he is fit to be our president?!”

This, of course, is just the latest in a series of public embarrassments for Biden. He is constantly making gaffes while speaking, getting lost while on stage, and even tripping and falling down stairs.

Make no mistake, to most people Biden just looks like an old, weak man who should be at home resting, not in the White House.

It seems like many Democrats recognize this as well, which is why Gavin Newsom is being talked about as a possible challenger for the nomination. After all, he is younger and certainly more mentally sharp than the president.

This latest embarrassment in California might have Newsom thinking more seriously about his chances in the election.

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