The headlines for Fox News just keep getting worse in the wake of Tucker Carlson’s firing. Not only have the network’s ratings fallen off a cliff, but Tucker’s new Twitter show is receiving massive numbers of viewers. I reported recently that their internal employee portal was riddled with LGBTQ Pride propaganda. And last week, a loyal 10-year vet of the channel was forced to resign after he approved an on-air chyron saying, “Wannabe dictator speaks at White House after having his political rival arrested.”

He didn’t even get a warning? Morale must be pretty low these days at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan—Fox headquarters.

Carlson biographer Chadwick Moore thinks things are about to get even worse for the former number-one cable news network, which was recently leapfrogged by MSNBC. He says that at least nine staffers have exited—and are joining Carlson’s team instead:

Moore believes “Chyron Guy” might be one of those joining forces with Carlson, who, until his departure from Fox, pulled in the highest ratings of any cable news show:
Moore wasn’t done, writing, “Tucker Carlson’s team at Fox was extremely close. Most of them were there from the launch of the show until its end, and they’ve stood by their boss in the aftermath. I write about it in my book.”
He also claims that many former guests won’t appear on Fox anymore. We know at least one of them, and as RedState
‘s Susie Moore reported, it’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon:

Here’s the full text of her post:

For all the friends who have been asking “why don’t we see you on Fox anymore?” — This is why. I am passionately committed to free speech and a free flow of information necessary for a free society. Until Fox stops trying to silence Tucker, it’s not a place for me. And I feel for my friends working at the network which has clearly caved into pressure from some quarter to silence @TuckerCarlson. What you are seeing on Fox today is a censored version of the news. Keep that in mind as you make your viewing and your commenting choices.

If Rupert Murdoch (or whichever of his progeny won at Succession) thought that the termination of Tucker Carlson would soon fade into distant memory and the network would quickly recover, he appears to have miscalculated—badly. The ratings across the primetime board tell the story: many viewers are sick of the network and feel it’s abandoned its core audience. If Chadwick Moore is correct, staffers feel the same way

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