William Hennessy gets paid to draw courtrooms. Now, he’s drawing fire.

The veteran sketch artist’s latest work covered former President Donald Trump’s arraignment in federal court in Miami on Tuesday

And some social media reaction is all the proof a sane person needs that Trump drives his critics bananas

Here’s a sample, from a sketch showing Trump in court, right:

Here’s a sample, from a sketch showing Trump in court, right:

“It’s rare I get any kind of feedback,” Hennessy told The Boston Globe in an interview last week.

He’s getting it now, particularly from Trump h aters — and their name is legion.


For instance, Hennessy left off the two pointy horns a true liberal imagines when envisioning the former president. He left off the snaky, twitching tail with the barbed point, the wavy lines indicating the sulfurous stench that has to surround Trump like the visible presence of evil.

For the more atheistically inclined, Trump could have at least sported a toothbrush mustache with his ordinarily free-flowing hair slicked down into a straight part to his left.

Maybe saluting the judge with his right arm extended stiffly upward at an angle of, say 33 degrees or so?

What makes the whole thing even more bizarre is that the same mindset that produces liberals furious at the small details of a hastily drawn courtroom sketch leaves the same individual oblivious to the massive establishment media propaganda of the past eight years painting Trump in a more sinister light.

It’s the mindset that ignores a documented smear operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, paid for by American taxpayers of all political orientations, aimed at defaming candidate Donald Trump, then President Donald Trump.

It’s a mindset that has already forgotten the estimated $32 million in taxpayer funding frittered away on the “Russia collusion” investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, with a conclusion that not only was Trump innocent but Mueller’s mental faculties had eroded the point where he could make Joe Biden look sharp.

It’s the mindset that ignores the growing evidence that President Biden is up to his ears in his family’s long-running influence-peddling business — the chief means of support, it appears, for Bidens who don’t draw a paycheck from the federal government.

But a few lines sketched quickly during a brief arraignment have liberals screaming on social media about conspiracy theories and payoffs.

“Some said he looked too thin, too young, and some said he looked too good,” Hennessy told the Globe, noting that the criticism seemed to come from those who “didn’t care much for Trump.”

That’s putting it mildly.

And if they didn’t care for his likeness of the 45th president, they’re likely to care for something else Hennessy, 65, said much less.

“I don’t editorialize,” he told the Globe, reflecting on a career that has spanned more than 40 years, according to the newspaper. “I just draw what I see.”

That isn’t what liberals want from their news reports. They want words that draw a picture of the world they’re comfortable with. They want pictures that fit their worldview.

And they want everything to be about hating Donald Trump.

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