Under Elon Musk’s leadership, Twitter no longer allows leftists to lie with impunity while “fact-checking” or censoring those who disagree.

CNN discovered this Sunday when it tweeted a false, race-baiting message about black fatherhood.

“Black fathers are often portrayed as absent or distant, but that isn’t what most people experience, according to both data and Black dads themselves. Such biased portrayals are often based on who is telling the story,” CNN tweeted.

Twitter users were quick to correct CNN’s “data.”

A community-notes section added context to the CNN tweet with statistics from The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count Data Center, which shows that 64 percent of black children in the United States live without their biological fathers.

One Twitter user noted the obvious: “It’s statistically true that black families have absent fathers unfortunately.”

Another Twitter user questioned CNN’s motives: “Nothing screams happy Father’s Day like race baiting.”

Contrary to CNN’s claim, there is no data that suggests “what most people experience” in black families is anything other than absentee fatherhood.

Whatever the causes of absenteeism, the consequences are beyond dispute.

According to the National Center for Fathering, “children from fatherless homes are more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, and suffer from health and emotional problems.”

The question is why CNN would choose to address the fatherhood problem in the manner it did.


Of all the tragedies that have beset black Americans since the end of slavery in 1865, none is more heartbreaking than the destruction of the family.

During the Jim Crow era, segregationists sanitized antebellum history by pretending that before the Civil War slaves and their masters had lived together in harmony.

The truth, however, is that masters could and often did break up black families by forcing husbands and wives to live and work on different farms, or by selling children to distant plantations. The slave family had no security under the law.

The one institution that helped preserve the black family through decades of servility and second-class citizenship was the black church.

By God’s grace, the black family survived slavery, and it survived segregation, only to perish in the modern age of secular leftist paternalism.

CNN would never tell this truth.

In fact, the people who wrote the CNN tweet appear far more interested in “portrayals” of black fatherhood. This is establishment-media code language for “you people might be racists, so you need to read this article, because we here at CNN are good people.”

Juneteenth is a perfect occasion for reminding ourselves how these virtue-signaling elites operate.

When faced with the serious problem of mass incarceration and grinding poverty in urban America, virtue-signaling elites respond by giving themselves another federal holiday.

In like manner, when faced with the serious problem of absentee fatherhood, virtue-signaling elites first pretend the problem does not exist and then hint that you might be a racist.

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