Leaked emails reveal that White House Deputy Press Secretary and Senior Communications Adviser Andrew Bates had a meltdown when a Fox News reporter asked about the trans-inclusive Pride Progress flag.

Fox News originally published a story last week titled, “White House flew controversial new transgender flag that promotes grooming and pedophilia, say critics.” The headline now reads “White House flew controversial new transgender flag that troubles some critics in the gay community.”

The exchange heated up immediately when Bates said Fox News had used the exact same flag to promote their diversity in a corporate responsibility report and demanded they either “retract” or publish an article condemning themselves.

In a series of emails with another Fox reporter — Patrick Hauf of Fox News Digital — Bates had another meltdown when Hauf asked for a comment from the White House on another story that was not related to the original.

Hauf’s initial inquiry:

Hello all,

Good morning! I’m writing a story today on the White House event tonight for the screening of Flaming Hot. I have a few questions about the event I’m hoping you can help me with. Why is the White House screening this movie specifically? Has President Biden’s White House hosted any other movie screenings?

Do you have a comment on reports that there is little to no proof to Richard Montañez’s claims of creating the flaming hot Cheeto? We are noting Eva Longoria’s ties to President Biden and the Democratic Party at large. Please let me know if you would like to comment on your relationship with her.

My deadline 11:30 am EST today. Thank you!



Bates replied:

On the record from me: “Will Fox News retract their hateful, debunked lie of a story, or will they issue a statement condemning themselves for covering their own logo in literally the same flag? Which is it?”

CNN: “The preposterous story failed to mention that Fox Corporation’s own logo had been wrapped in the very same pride flag last year.”

Hauf replied:

From: Hauf, Patrick
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2023 9:46 AM

Subject: RE: Media Inquiry — Fox News

Are you able to address any of my questions? Would you like to provide a comment relevant to my story? Happy to hop on a call. Thanks.



From: Hauf, Patrick
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2023 9:50 AM
Subject: [EXTERNAL] RE: Media Inquiry — Fox News

Otherwise, I will take that email as a “no comment” on my questions. Thank you.

The bizarre leaked emails come as President Joe Biden struggles in the polls.

Biden’s job approval ratings have been steadily falling in the wake of his announcement that he would seek another term, making his re-election path even narrower.

A new poll from DailyMail.com/J.L. Partners showed that 71 percent of Americans, including 49 percent of Democrats, believe Biden is too old to continue to be president. The poll also showed that 52 percent of Americans believe they are in a worse position now than they were before Biden became president.

“There are few things that unite American voters, but there is one: the belief that Biden is too old to be president,” James Johnson, one of the founders of J.L. Partners, said to the DailyMail.

“Decisive margins across all age groups, ethnic groups, and political parties agree with the sentiment. And worryingly for the current president, those most likely to say they are worse off under Biden’s policies include groups with disproportionate impact come to an election: Independent voters and 45-64-year-olds. Though he managed to avoid his age becoming a pivotal issue in 2020, it looks set to be the defining hesitation in voters’ minds next year,” Johnson said.

Earlier this month, a long-time political watcher and analyst said he believes Biden won’t make it through the upcoming primaries and will have to drop out of the race.

Hugh Hewitt made his bold prediction this week after Biden fell again — this time reportedly tripping on a sandbag placed on a stage where he had given the commencement speech to the graduating Air Force Academy class in Colorado.

If he wins re-election, Biden will be 82 on inauguration day in January 2025.

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