A Louisiana senator Wednesday urged the attorney general and the FBI director to publicly address bribery allegations against Joe Biden.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) remarked during an airing of the Fox network program “America Reports” said only AG Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray can settle public doubts.

Fox News further reported:

With former President Trump facing a federal indictment, Republicans are demanding the FBI and Justice Department appoint a special counsel to look into President Biden’s alleged bribery crimes. On “America Reports” Wednesday, Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., added to his GOP colleagues’ demands that only FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland can address the American people’s “doubts” and uphold the integrity of the law enforcement institutions. 

JOHN KENNEDY: I think the FBI is the premier law enforcement agency in all of human history, and I’m not going to vote to abolish them or defund them. But you don’t have to be Euclid to know that over the past five years, there have been people at the FBI and at the Justice Department who have acted on their political beliefs. The FBI Director Comey investigated President Trump on evidence that the Hillary Clinton campaign gave to him. It was inevitable in light of President Trump’s prosecution that the issue of selective prosecution was going to be raised. What about Secretary Clinton’s e-mails, for example? Now Senator Grassley, who has a great deal of credibility, has received a document from a whistleblower inside the FBI based on a trusted informant that says President Biden has been bribed and that the people that bribed him have tapes. Now, I don’t know if all of that is true or not, but we’re entitled to see that document. First, the FBI said, well, we can’t even tell you that it exists. And then they said, you can see it, but it has to be redacted. They won’t tell us whether they’ve even investigated the allegations. The only people who can fix this are the head of the FBI and the attorney general. So the American people understandably have doubts and only Chris Wray and the attorney general can address those doubts. And you can’t find either one of them with a search party ,and they just won’t answer.

I believe there’s a perception out there among the American people, there’s certainly a perception of that on Congress, and only the attorney general can address that. And Dog the Bounty Hunter couldn’t find the attorney general right now. He refuses to talk about it. So does the FBI director. These are all fair questions. They’re not going away. For the integrity of the FBI as an institution and the Department of Justice, the two heads need to look the American people in the eye in front of God and country and tell them the truth. And until that happens, this isn’t going away.


Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, claimed Monday on the Senate floor that the Burisma executive who allegedly paid Joe Biden and Hunter Biden $5 million kept 17 audio recordings of his conversations with them, citing the FBI FD-1023 form that the bureau briefed congressional lawmakers on. 

Reports of audio recordings come after FBI Director Christopher Wray agreed to turn over the document to lawmakers despite initially denying the request. 

According to the form 1023, President Joe Biden was allegedly paid $5 million by an executive of the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, where his son Hunter Biden sat on the board, a confidential human source told the FBI during a June 2020 interview, sources familiar told Fox News Digital.

According to House Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer, the allegations related to form 1023 may extend beyond a single document. He suggests that there are likely more forms containing additional evidence of bribery linked to the Biden family. 

“Once the FBI allowed me and Jamie Raskin, my counterpart on the House Oversight Committee, to go in and look at it, I read it again and then realized that there were two footnotes in there that referenced other 1023s,” he said.

“This is going to turn out, I think, a lot like the suspicious activity reports that the Treasury Cabinet had on the Bidens,” Comer said. “There are a lot more of these than what the federal government wants to admit, and the question is, why hasn’t the federal government done anything about it?”

House lawmakers continue to demand further action from the FBI and DOJ in light of new developments in the Biden family business probe particularly now that a federal indictment has been brought against former President Trump.

President Trump was indicted on 37 federal charges to which he pleaded not guilty during his arraignment Tuesday in a Miami courtroom. 

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