The German philosopher Nietzsche wrote, “There are no truths, only interpretations.” Nietzsche’s idea fueled the progressive movement as the twentieth century unfolded. The recent spate of claims, such as the current one that men can have babies, has carried the Nietzschean ideal to the summit of absurdity.

The adage still fuels progressive zeal, though the more subtle of them are now attempting to camouflage “no truths” as truth.

In a recent airing of CNN Audio’s “The Axe Files,” former Obama White House senior adviser David Axelrod interviewed his former boss. During the interview, Obama suggested using “digital fingerprints” to protect “truth” from the barrage of misinformation attempting to undermine it, according to Fox News.

The irony, of course, is that the “truth” Obama seeks to protect is that of the left’s own making. This so-called “truth” and its relationship with reality are contingent upon the relative needs of the progressive agenda. This makes “truth” a moving target. If it furthers the leftist cause, it’s true; if not, it’s misinformation.

Axelrod guided the interview by informing Obama he has seen “misinformation, disinformation and deepfakes” targeting his former boss. This opened the door for Obama to respond with, “As I’ve told people, because I was the first digital president when I left office, I was probably the most recorded, filmed, photographed human in history, which is kind of a weird thing.”

One might ask if it was the kind of weirdness that can fill a man to the brim with hubris.

“As a consequence,” Obama deduced, “there’s a lot of raw material there.” Obama said the “deepfakes” of him —  defined as digitally manipulated images, audio or video that appear legitimate — began with a version of him dancing and “saying dirty limericks,” according to Fox.

There is a lot of Obama footage out there. And some of it’s not good for Obama’s preferred image. After all, he is still attempting to remain relevant. In all likelihood, he is no longer the “most recorded, filmed, photographed human in history.” The world has moved on. And so has technology.

Obama claimed it was only going to get worse. “That technology’s here now,” Obama said. “So, most immediately we’re going to have all the problems we had with misinformation before. [T]his next election cycle will be worse.”

What to do? Wait for it…

Obama suggested “digital fingerprints” to discern truth from misinformation. “And the need for us, for the general public, I think to be more discriminating consumers of news and information, the need for us to over time develop technologies to create watermarks or digital fingerprints so we know what is true and what is not true.”


That’s one way of saying it. Another way is, “Progressives (I prefer Marxists) need to hurry and develop technology so they can declare, once and for all, who is licensed to speak ‘truth’ and who is not. He who does not agree with us, will not receive a license. Those who peddle truth without a license will be punished.”

In other words, the “truth” for progressives is merely an image made by man for man. It has nothing to do with man being made in the image of God so he can participate in truth in order to discern it.  When Obama and his ilk are asked, “What is truth?” their answer — if they were capable of being honest — would be, “Whatever we say it is.” They willingly play the part of Pontius Pilate.

That’s not hyperbole. Remember the Hunter Biden laptop coverup and the Russian collusion hoax? Both were attempts to create truth through image, or at least bend it to their will. Neither corresponded with reality.

Obama and Axelrod went on to discuss how many consumers only access information from sources they agree with. Obama, referring to COVID, then said, “Obviously, we saw that during the vaccination stuff. So, I am concerned about it. And I think the best we’re going to be able to do is to constantly remind people that this is out there.”

Remind people about what? That if you don’t comply with government demands you might lose your job or worse?

Obama went on to say, “I am worried about that kind of cynicism developing even further during the course of this next election.” Really? From one of the most cynical men I’ve seen in my life? Remember Obama’s guns and religion speech?

Come on, Obama, you can do better than that.

“There are no truths, only interpretations.” Progressives still cling to Nietzsche’s adage as a major weapon in their war on Western values and traditions. They use it in an attempt to sever the correspondence between language and truth.

It won’t work. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) The truth is God’s, not man’s. And when language is subverted in an attempt to usurp that which cannot be usurped, only bad things happen.

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