Presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Thursday decried decreased decorum demonstrated by President Joe Biden during a White House event.

The Florida Republican expressed disappointment with transgender activists displaying and fondling their bare breasts during the ceremony. He further noted flying a Pride flag between U.S. flags at the same height violated law.

“The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of states or localities or pennants of societies are grouped and displayed from staffs,” according to U.S. flag code.

The Daily Wire further reported:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed President Joe Biden during a press conference on Thursday for the administration hosting a “totally inappropriate” far-left Pride month event at the White House over the weekend where transgender activists took their tops off.

DeSantis also took aim at the administration for how the U.S. flag was displayed at the White House as the administration decided to display the far-left pride flag — which promotes transgenderism and the Marxist Black Lives Matter group — in the middle of the White House.

“You know, when they had at the White House, you know, this transgender flag as the precedence over the American flag, that’s wrong,” DeSantis said. “That is not how you display the American flag.”

Biden faced backlash at the start of the week after a video from Saturday’s event went viral that showed transgender activist Rose Montoya taking his top off after meeting the president.

Montoya, a man who claims he is a woman, met with Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, and covered his bare prosthetic breasts with his hands while being recorded on camera in front of others in attendance.


“And I think when you have the inappropriate conduct at the White House with, like, these transgenders flashing people nude and all this stuff, you know, it’s just totally, totally inappropriate,” DeSantis said. “And I think even the White House had to acknowledge it was inappropriate, but I would ask them, if it is inappropriate to do that at the White House, which I certainly think it is, why do you want to have that curriculum jammed into a second grader’s classroom? That’s what you’re always talking about.”


After facing significant backlash over the event, the White House claimed that the behavior was “inappropriate and disrespectful for any event at the White House.”

“It is not reflective of the event we hosted to celebrate LGBTQI+ families or the other hundreds of guests who were in attendance,” a White House spokesperson said. “Individuals in the video will not be invited to future events.”

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