Hugs on a public stage can be an egregiously awkward affair.

Is the hug too intimate? Is the hug too cold? Where are his/her hands going? How long should this hug last? Who initiates the hug? Who ends the hug?

All of those questions were thrust to the forefront of public discourse after an uncomfortable hug was captured on camera between President Joe Biden and popular actress Eva Longoria.

On Thursday, Biden and the first lady hosted a screening of “Flamin’ Hot,” the dramatized biopic of the man behind the wildly popular Cheetos flavoring — and directed by Longoria — at the White House.

As part of those festivities, which you can see in its entirety below, Longoria was in attendance. That’s when the awkward moment was caught on camera.

The 15-minute video is about what you’d expect from the Biden administration, but eagle-eyed viewers locked onto a curious interaction right at the end of the clip:

The tweeter blasted Biden and the establishment media in a blistering post:

“Joe Biden living up to his predatory history

yesterday by groping Eva Longoria at the White House,” Twitter user @RickTheTank noted. “Share it for everyone to see in slow motion because the leftist media won’t touch it.

“If this was Trump, it would be all over and the White House be giving a speech.”

In a zoomed-in, slowed-down clip, it appears like Biden’s hands are wandering to places they shouldn’t be, and Longoria seemingly pulls away and/or redirects Biden’s hands for him.

The comments, unsurprisingly, were blistering under the viral social media clip (it had been seen over 104,000 times as of midday Friday.)

Twitter users blasted Biden for trying to “cop a feel,” being a “groper,” and called the move “disgusting and despicable.”

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