During the third episode of “Tucker on Twitter,” an episode that has already gotten over 85 million views, former Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson tore into the DOJ and justice system generally for the indictment of Trump, alleging that attempts to lock up the former president represent the complete destruction of the US justice system.

Beginning, Tucker informed his audiences about what the regime did to Trump and called out attempts to lock him up on 37 counts related to his handling of classified information he allegedly kept at Mar-a-Lago, claiming that regime apparatchiks are attempting to lock Trump up for the rest of his life. “The Biden administration arrested Donald Trump this afternoon. They had him arraigned and fingerprinted him in a Miami courthouse, like the accused felon he now is. These were the first steps in a process that is designed to put Donald Trump behind bars for the rest of his life,” Tucker said.

Continuing, Tucker then decried the MSM’s claims about Trump’s arrest, contrasting their claim of it being “unprecedented” with what they knew, and in many cases hoped, would happen since February of 2016, when Trump destroyed his fellow GOP hopefuls on a debate stage in South Carolina. “Cable news carried every moment of it live. ‘It’s unprecedented!’ they told us, with what looked like shock. But they weren’t shocked. They knew this was coming. Everyone who has paid attention knew it was. What just happened was always going to happen. It’s been inevitable since February 13, 2016,” Tucker said.

Tucker then connected the regime’s war on Trump with foreign policy. In his view, DC and the people in it have made billions, if not trillions, on expensive forever wars in the Middle East that enriched defense contractors and then flowed back into the pockets of DC politicians. Trump tried to upend that arrangement, bad for everyone but those profiting off of it, and so they’re now trying to get rid of him for good and return the GOP to being a party of warmongers. As Tucker put it: “What matters, then and now, is foreign policy: the invasions and occupations and proxy wars — the decisions that determine which global populations will thrive and which will die. The policies that come with trillion-dollar price tags — the ones that, over time, have made the counties around D.C. the richest suburbs in the world.”

Emphasizing that point, Tucker then noted that there’s the pantomime of political debate when other issues, such as the debt ceiling, come up. However, he noted, nearly everyone in Congress gets in line behind a new war whenever the opportunity presents itself, always willing to enrich Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and the others by sending young men to die in some foreign land, regardless of how idiotic the war is or how deleterious to our national interest launching it is. “In Washington, that’s what actually matters, and it’s obvious when you look carefully. When there’s a debate about anything else — for example, the debt ceiling — both sides take their assigned positions and they start yelling. But when Congress decides to start a war, no matter how foolish or counterproductive or obviously disconnected from America’s core interests that war may be — when that happens, the leaders of both parties automatically jump behind it like circus clowns,

” he said.

Trump refused to get behind that. He fought with the military and its backers to pull troops out of Afghanistan and Syria, refused to start a new war with Iran when a drone was downed, and made peace with North Korea instead of rattling the saber with the impoverished Hermit Kingdom. And so the people who profit off war decided they need to get rid of him. Tucker, making that claim, said, “After that, it was pretty clear that even if he did get elected President, Trump was going to have a very hard time controlling the federal government he was supposed to be in charge of. Most of permanent Washington decided that thwarting Trump was the single-most important mission in their lives. Everything depended on it.

And so, Tucker then said, concluding the monologue, the regime is launching a patently political legal attack on Trump in an attempt to silence him and stop him from stopping their wars. Making that point, Tucker highlighted what he sees as the political nature of Trump’s indictment, the disgusting but not surprising silence of the GOP on the issue, and the fact that Trump is “the one guy” who will stand up to the military-industrial complex and attempt to end foreign wars. As he put it:

“The prosecution of Donald Trump is transparently political. He’s literally Joe Biden’s main political opponent — he’s polling at over 60% among Republican voters right now. So, Joe Biden is doing what no president has ever dared to do: He’s using law enforcement power to lock up his chief rival. That’s happening right now. Anyone who denies it’s happening is lying to you. But actually, it’s worse than that. Trump’s prosecution isn’t just political. It’s ideological. Nobody with Trump’s views is allowed to have power in this country.”

“So many Republicans — for example, the supposedly conservative governor of Texas, Greg Abbot — spent yesterday ignoring the total destruction of the American justice system. Instead, he signed a highly important bill called the CROWN Act which, according to the celebratory Tweet Abbot sent commemorating it, will quote, ‘Prohibit discrimination based on textures and hairstyles historically associated with race.’ In other words, in Texas, cornrows are now protected by law. Having unapproved views about Ukraine is not. That’s fine with most elected Republicans. They find Trump tiresome and embarrassing. Their donors hate him. They will not be sad if he dies in jail.”

“Whatever else you say about him, Trump is the one guy with an actual shot of being president who dissents from Washington’s longstanding pointless war agenda. And for that, that one fact, they are trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him. And that should upset you more than anything that’s happened in American politics in your lifetime.”

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