Lunden Alexis Roberts, the former lover of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, attempted for months back in 2018 to reach him through text message. Roberts was pregnant with Biden’s child, a daughter, at the time. According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, the younger son of the president ignored her messages and screened her calls.

Then, six weeks after the birth of their daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, the spurned lover attempted to contact Biden one more time.

“In hopes that you even read this- Baby was born Aug 28. Beautiful & Healthy,” she stated in a text message that was sent on Oct. 16, 2018. “If you ever become curious and want to know more I can send pictures, details, or whatever you may request.”

“I know that’s a long shot and you’d much rather avoid the whole situation,” she went on to add, “but just wanted you to know the door is always open for you in the baby’s life.”

Biden, of course, never responded to the messages. However, years later, both Roberts and Navy Joan, now 4-years-old, have become something that the family cannot simply ignore. It’s worth noting that as of this writing, President Biden has not publicly acknowledged the existence of Navy Joan as his granddaughter.

Many a headline has been created for stories related the current child support case concerning Roberts and Hunter Biden, unfurling in Arkansas, which might end up forcing the troubled son of Joe Biden to reveal sensitive financial information. All this is happening while several federal level investigations are happening that are looking into the details of business deals the Biden family has been involved with, which are likely going to drive a whole lot of eyes toward the forthcoming financial disclosures.

Roberts, who has declined to do any public interviews, court filings, along with a bunch of text messages, are providing insight on the battle she’s been in to get child support from Hunter Biden, as well as many of the unsuccessful attempts she’s made to try and get Hunter to participate in their child’s life.

The messages in question reveal that Biden stopped all contact with Roberts a few months into the beginning stages of the pregnancy. He then cut off the woman’s salary and her health insurance after the child was born. He refused to look at a photograph of the baby.


Last September, Biden reopened the fraternity case, stating that he couldn’t afford to pay Roberts the $20,000 a month in child support that he had agreed to when his father was running for president in 2020. He was also trying to block Roberts from giving the little girl his last name.

Hunter originally denied he was Navy Joan’s father, but a DNA test proved otherwise. He has also denied ever having had sexual relations with Roberts after they first met back in 2017.

However, text messages reveal the two were in fairly frequent contact with each other and even talked about the pregnancy during the first few months. He put her on the payroll of his company, Owasco P.C., which came with insurance. But it became clear as the messages go on that Biden was displeased with Roberts’ pregnancy, dropping out of contact with her three months into it.

“Last we spoke you were upset because I hadn’t kept you ‘updated.’ That was in February,” Roberts said in a text message to Biden in October 2018, which was just a little bit while after their daughter’s birth. “I’ve called numerous times and sent a few messages as well.”

“I understand you despise me and want nothing to do with the decision I’ve made,” she continued in the message. “However, I still felt you deserved to hear about it from me … Baby was born Aug 28.”

Roberts attempts to reach out to Hunter Biden during the summer of 2018 also went ignored.

Biden will be given an opportunity to respond to the statements and questions concerning his financial status very soon.

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