Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter-exclusive show has been a smashing hit, with each episode captivating the attention of social media users.  Each time an episode of “Tucker on Twitter” is released, it’s only a matter of hours before the view count hits tens of millions.   As of writing this article, Tucker’s bombshell announcement video that he would return to media via his new show has racked up almost 136 million views alone.

Episode 3, which has only been released for one day as of writing this article, now has nearly 75 million views.  Collectively, Tucker’s new content relating to his show has garnered almost 385 million total views.  The founder of the famous southern college brand Old Row tweeted about Tucker’s third episode, “43 million views on episode 3 and it’s only been up for 14 hours.”  He continued, “Tucker is more powerful now than he was at Fox.”

The American Tribune recently reported on ratings that back up the assertion that Tucker is now “more powerful” since his separation from Fox News.  Regarding the first episode, which has reached hundreds of millions of views now, Tucker Carlson raked in 9 million views in the first two hours of its release and 13 million in only three hours.   Looking at Fox News programming during the same time slot, the cable news network attained just over 3.5 million views between two shows. Furthermore, it only took two days for Tucker’s first episode to reach 100 million views, leaving Fox News in the dust.

In Tucker’s third episode, titled “America’s principles are at stake,” he discusses the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump. “The Biden administration arrested Donald Trump this afternoon they had him arraigned and fingerprinted in the Miami courthouse, like the accused felon he now technically is. These were the first steps in a process that is designed to put Donald Trump behind bars for the rest of his life,”

 Carlson said.

However, Tucker claimed this has been inevitable since Trump became the enemy of the federal government, particularly when Trump became a vocal critic of United States foreign policy and opposed past wars in the Middle East. “They knew this was coming. Everyone who’s paid attention knew it was what just happened was always going to happen. It’s been inevitable since February 16 2016. That’s the day Donald Trump made a blood enemy of the largest and most powerful organization in human history, which would be the federal government,” Tucker said.

Carlson then explains Trump’s rhetoric that set off what he calls “permanent Washington,” the consolidation of political power in D.C.  “Identity Politics doesn’t mean much to permanent Washington. What matters then and now is foreign policy, the invasions and occupations and proxy wars, the decisions that determine which global populations will thrive and which will die.” Tucker claims that when Congress starts a war, either side of the political aisle will back it uniformly, which is disconnected from the real interest of American voters.

Carlson implies that the establishment aims to subvert Trump by any means possible, including putting him in prison.  He claims this applies to the current prosecution of the former president, as a means to prevent him from obtaining the White House again.  Tucker insinuated that Trump is the only person capable of being elected who dissents from the “war agenda” of Washington D.C. and instead embraces a message that has the core interests of America at heart.

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