A growing number of Democrats are reportedly growing more at ease with the idea that Vice President Kamala Harris could step into the Oval Office and fulfill the commander-in-chief duties, which is why they are pushing for President Joe Biden to be reelected, according to some insiders.

According to a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll published on Tuesday, 86% of Democratic Biden supporters expressed either a high or moderate level of comfort with the prospect of Harris assuming the presidency in the event that both Biden and Harris are re-elected for another four years, and Biden is unable to complete his term.

According to insiders who spoke to Fox News Digital, the possibility of Harris ascending to the presidency is considered a highly plausible scenario, which could potentially send a significant political ripple across the nation and would undoubtedly affect all Americans.

“The DNC’s strategy to ensure the Democrat establishment remains in power is to re-elect Joe Biden, no matter how old or capable he is, and then get him to resign or step aside and install Kamala Harris as president,” said former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, an Independent who ran for president in 2020 as a Democrat.

“She will be untested and unelected and ready to act as the Democrat Establishment’s puppet president. She will then have the advantage and power of incumbency to run in 2028,” she told the outlet.

“None of this is possible if Biden doesn’t run. If Kamala were to try to run for president herself, there would be heavy competition and no way she would win. This is why they are uniting around Joe Biden’s re-election – to ensure Kamala Harris is able to assume the throne unchallenged,” Gabbard noted further.

She said Harris “is clearly not qualified to serve as commander in chief” and that it would be “disastrous and dangerous” for the country if she were to become its first female president.

“This should be a major issue for voters, but the mainstre am media will continue to try to cover for her because they don’t want the American people to know the truth: a President Kamala Harris would be disastrous and dangerous for all Americans and our country,” she said.


Doug Schoen, a Democratic pollster who is also a founder and partner of Schoen Cooperman Research, similarly agrees that Harris isn’t ready for prime time and pointed to her regularly dismal approval ratings.

“Democrats may be happy with Kamala Harris taking over, but the rest of the electorate almost certainly is not,” Schoen said. “Harris has lower approval ratings than Biden, and remains very much an open question to the electorate whether she is ready and indeed able to govern.”

Leo Terrell, a civil rights lawyer and a contributor to Fox News, believes that Democrats will try to sell the country on a “Biden-Harris” package for 2024.

“They have no choice. Democrats would alienate their most loyal constituency, black females, if they do not sell Harris as a viable replacement for President Biden. This is the problem Democrats will face because they play identity politics. When you select a candidate based on skin color or ethnicity in lieu of competence, you end up with a Kamala Harris. Moreover, the Democratic donor base has demanded that Harris be presented as a competent replacement,” he said.

“There is no way in hell the American public believe that Kamala Harris is qualified to replace Joe Biden, or to serve a single second as president of the United States of America,” he said.

Marc Lotter, a former special assistant to President Trump who is the chief communications officer for the America First Policy Institute, said Harris’ low polling numbers don’t “surprise” him.

“Make no mistake, Harris will certainly be an anchor on the Democrat ticket, given her horrible approval ratings and history of being a very poor candidate,” he told the network.

“Democrats are campaigning for Biden with the ultimate hope that Biden will continue to be healthy and last through the four years,” added Hank Sheinkopf, a former Democratic consultant for the Clinton-Gore Campaign.

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