President Joe Biden blew off a reporter’s question about the alleged existence of audio tapes made of him and his son by an executive of a Ukrainian energy company on which Hunter Biden sat as a board member and drew a salary of tens of thousands of dollars per month.

On Monday, Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed during a floor speech that a Burisma executive who allegedly paid then-Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden kept 17 audio recordings of his conversations with them as an “insurance policy.”

“Grassley, R-Iowa, revealed from the Senate floor Monday what was said to be a redacted reference in the FBI-generated FD-1023 form alleging a criminal bribery scheme between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national that involved influence over U.S. policy decisions. Grassley said the FD-1023 has a redacted reference that the Burisma executive possesses fifteen audio recordings of phone calls between himself and Hunter Biden,” Fox News reported.

“According to Grassley, the FD-1023 also states that the executive possesses two audio recordings of phone calls between himself and then-Vice President Joe Biden. The recordings were allegedly kept as an “insurance policy” for the foreign national in case he was in some type of ‘tight spot,’ a source told Fox News Digital,” the outlet added.

“The FD-1023 also alleges that then-Vice President Joe Biden may have been involved in Burisma bringing his son, Hunter Biden, onto the board. The FBI brought the document to Capitol Hill last week after House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer subpoenaed it. The FBI briefed Comer and committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin, D-Md., on the form. The FBI later brought the form to a secure setting on Capitol Hill for all Oversight Committee members to view,” the outlet continued.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked Biden if the allegations were true as he left a meeting with U.S. diplomats in the East Room of the White House.

“Are there tapes that you accepted bribes, President Biden? Is that true?” the reporter asked.

Biden simply smiled and turned away.


Meanwhile, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said earlier this week that Biden is currently under investigation for bribery by the FBI.


During an interview on “Sunday Night in America,” Comer and host Trey Gowdy discussed the ongoing House Republican investigation into Biden and his family’s alleged business dealings. Comer said the FBI told him that Biden is “currently under investigation for bribery.”

Comer spoke about the unclassified FD-1023 FBI form alleging that then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a bribery pay-to-play scheme. Comer said FBI Director Christopher Wray “finally” admitted to the existence of that form after Comer and Grassley said they read the document, reportedly sourced from a whistleblower.

A whistleblower reportedly provided evidence alleging Biden was involved in corrupt ‘pay-for-play’ schemes as vice president. The source has been frequently used by the FBI since the Obama administration and is deemed to be “highly credible.”

He also said that the Oversight Committee’s ranking member, Rep. Jaimie Raskin (D-Md.), “lied” when he said the FBI’s case was closed.

“The FBI told us that it was still a part of an ongoing investigation. So, what I believe has happened…is that, according to Bill Barr, then-attorney general, they got the form 1023, and because it was from one of the FBI’s most credible, highest-paid, most trusted, most effective informants, they took it seriously but they did not look into it. They just pass it along to the U.S. Attorney in Delaware,” Comer said.

“Look, here is what we know,” he continued. “There are 20 shell companies, at least, and probably more that were laundering money from foreign nationals, including Romania, including money being sent less than two weeks after Joe Biden left there as vice president delivering foreign aid and talking about foreign policy.

“This form 1023 alleges the exact same thing happened in Ukraine. And the reason I think is credible, Trey, is that this was dated, this last 1023, in June or July of 2020, three years before anybody knew about the shell companies and knew that the Bidens were laundering money through six different American banks,” Comer added.

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