Sen. Lindsey Graham tore into ABC News host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday after the former Clinton administration adviser attempted to cut him off while he criticized the federal indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Stephanopoulos asked the South Carolina Republican if he thought that Trump did not do anything wrong, which led Graham to respond by saying “we live in an America” where a former Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, could “set up a private server” in her basement to conduct government business and never be charged, let alone seriously investigated.

At that, the host attempted to interrupt, leading Graham to snap at him.

“Let me finish! I’m trying to answer the question from a Republican point of view. That may not be acceptable on this show,” he began.

“I don’t like that Mike Pence took classified information. I don’t like any of that. But what I don’t like is a system in America where the secretary of State, who’s a Democratic candidate for president, has people take a hammer to social media devices and break them apart, apply bleach-bit to a hard drive to erase emails. Allowed classified information to get on a felon’s computer, Anthony Weiner,” Graham went on.

“Most Republicans believe we live in a country where Hillary Clinton did similar things and nothing happened to her. President Trump will have his day in court. But espionage charges are absolutely ridiculous. Whether you like Trump or not, he did not commit espionage,” the GOP senator said.

“Your old boss committed perjury in a civil lawsuit, lost his law license, obstructed justice in a dozen ways, and he didn’t get prosecuted,” Graham continued, making a reference to Stephanopoulos’ work under former President Bill Clinton.

The host then said mentioned an audio recording of Trump leaked to CNN “saying he knows this is secret information” and that “he knows he’s sharing it with other people,” before asking, “How is that okay?”

“I am not saying it is OK. I am not saying it is OK to take a hammer to Blackberry. I think none of this is OK,” he said. “You got vice presidents, secretaries of state and presidents handling this stuff, you had Bill Clinton with tapes in his sock drawer. I would like to review the system. But here is the point I am trying to make.”

“What’s happening to Manhattan in Donald Trump has never happened to anybody in history of New York,” Graham went on. “I think the espionage charges are completely wrong and they paint an impression that does not exist. This is not espionage. And I do believe, George, most people on my side of the aisle believe that when it comes to Donald Trump, there are no rules. And you can do the exact same thing or something similar as Democrats, and nothing happens to you.”

Meanwhile, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer says Biden is currently under investigation for bribery by the FBI.

During an interview on “Sunday Night in America,” Comer and host Trey Gowdy discussed the ongoing House Republican investigation into Biden and his family’s alleged business dealings. Comer said the FBI told him that Biden is “currently under investigation for bribery.”

Comer spoke about the unclassified FD-1023 FBI form alleging that then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a bribery pay-to-play scheme. Comer said FBI Director Christopher Wray “finally” admitted to the existence of that form after Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley said they read the document, reportedly sourced from a whistleblower.

A whistleblower reportedly provided evidence alleging Biden was involved in corrupt ‘pay-for-play’ schemes as vice president. The source has been frequently used by the FBI since the Obama administration and is deemed to be “highly credible.”

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