Witnesses who saw former President Donald Trump in the hours following his indictment say he was in good spirits, so much so that he took to the DJ booth in his Bedminster, New Jersey club to play tracks by Elvis, Luciano Pavarotti, and James Brown.

The New York Times spoke with those close to the 45th president in the hours after the Biden administration levied seven charges against the president’s leading rival, including one for obstruction of the Justice Department’s investigation into the handling of classified documents. Sources said the president’s team, more familiar with the impact of legal jeopardy since Trump’s first criminal indictment, has cranked up the fundraising machine to take advantage of every political opportunity presented.

More from Business Insider:

Former President Donald Trump broke the news that he’d been indicted for a second time on Thursday, but he also found the time to raise the roof behind Bedminster’s DJ console, per The New York Times.

Sources close to Trump told The New York Times on Thursday evening that just 90 minutes after he received the call, he was playing tracks by Elvis, opera singer Pavarotti, and James Brown, on his iPad.

The NYT said that he threw on his iconic red MAGA cap before taking the stage to be the night’s disc jockey. Trump was at a dinner party held in his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, per The Times.


The former president has reasons to be in good spirits. Within 24 hours after being indicted by the Manhattan district attorney over charges related to a $130,000 hush money payment, the Trump campaign announced it has raised a massive $12 million sum as sympathy poured in from across the Republican Party’s swath of small-dollar donors. The latest case against Trump is sure to keep a white-hot spotlight on the frontrunner, an effect that will minimize the visibility of his rivals while they struggle with how to respond to the sudden news.

According to recent polls, the vast majority of Republicans believe any charges brought against Trump are politically motivated by Democrats. The former president holds a commanding lead against his nearest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, while a slew of also-rans poll in the low single digits. Many will be struggling simply to collect the support and donor bases necessary to qualify for the party’s first debate in August.

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