Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the indictment of former President Trump in the classified documents case with a pitch to her social media followers to purchase “but her emails” merchandise.

“Bringing this back in light of recent news: Get a limited-edition But Her Emails hat and support @onwardtogether groups working to strengthen our democracy,” she wrote on Twitter.

Clinton also praised a social media user who used the hashtag #LockHimUp and wrote that the way the country treated her was “hurtful.”

In July 2016, Clinton was not charged in the FBI’s investigation of her use of a private email server

 during her time as secretary of state. Clinton lost to Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

“To my friend. To my hero. To the best person I know and the reason I’m above ground, @HillaryClinton. I’m thinking of you tonight. It’s so wrong – so hard, so hurtful – the way you were treated by the country you gave your life to. Here’s to justice. Here’s to karma. #LockHimUp,” read the tweet.

Clinton responded, saying, “I appreciate you so much, my friend. Indeed, here’s to justice.”

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