A recent poll conducted by “Change Research” has revealed that Tucker Carlson, the popular former Fox News host, is still outshining his old network in favorability among Republicans – in a big, big way.

The poll, which surveyed 404 likely Republican voters from April 28 to May 2, showcased Carlson’s significant lead over both Fox News and renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk.

According to the results, Carlson achieved an impressive net favorability rating of +59% among Republicans. The result highlights his strong resonance with conservative viewers and his ability to captivate the party’s base. Carlson’s steadfast commentary and unwavering perspectives have evidently struck a chord with Republican voters.

On the other hand, Fox News is in the negatives.

Musk, the trailblazing CEO of Tesla and Twitter, also managed to garner a notable net favorability rating among Republicans, standing at +53%. Musk’s recent foray into the political arena, combined with his innovative business ventures, has evidently earned him considerable admiration within the GOP.
Earlier in the month, Carlson announced his show’s move to Twitter, praising it as the country’s most trusted news center. With Twitter’s commitment to free speech and Musk’s endorsement, the show is expected to gain a substantial following.

The most astonishing news from the poll is the declining favorability of Fox News among Republicans. The once-revered conservative news outlet recorded a net favorability rating of -4%, signifying a substantial drop in support among Republican viewers. The unexpected downturn suggests that Fox News may be facing internal challenges and losing favor with its core audience.

Just yesterday, Fox News announced a major network shakeup by moving Sean Hannity to Tucker Carlson’s former time slot at 8 pm ET. The decision marks a significant change within the network’s lineup, signaling a shift in prime-time programming.


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