Former President Donald Trump is believed to be considering Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis as his 2024 vice presidential candidate pick.

An unidentified source told Page Six that the former president is “listening” to supporters who have called on him to pick Gov. DeSantis as his running mate. “Some of his supporters are suggesting he make a deal with DeSantis to make him VP, and he’s listening, but hasn’t agreed,” the source said.

The source from “Trumpworld” added that DeSantis could boost Trump’s support among young Republicans. “Supporters say the VP offer [would] stop DeSantis from opposing [Trump] and offer a ‘youthful conservative vigor’ to the slot, which Biden doesn’t have.”

Also, the source claims a Trump/DeSantis campaign would have plenty of donor financing. “DeSantis would also bring in big money to the campaign.”

Hinting at a DeSantis 2028 presidential run, the source added, “DeSantis wants to raise money and test the waters, but what he really wants to do is run in 2028 after Trump wins or loses — with him or without him. It’s early days, but some donors are pushing for a partnership.”


Last week a prominent Florida Republican endorsed Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign. Speaking with Newsmax, Rep. Greg Steube announced his Trump endorsement, saying Trump is the only candidate who can turn things around in this country.

Breitbart reported:

“He’s the only person that can reverse on day one, all these disastrous policies of the Biden administration. We need to right all the wrongs that have happened under this administration, fix the things that happen in Afghanistan, support our military and our veterans, and do the things that the America First agenda stands for, and that is one person, Donald Trump,” Steube continued, noting that Trump is “widely supported in my district” and “widely supported in Florida.”

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