Have you ever seen a woman who is more uncomfortable in her own skin than Kamala Harris? You can tell she doesn’t think she deserves the job that she was gifted (she didn’t earn it) because she’s so hesitant, insecure, and nervous. Why do you think she has that nervous cackle? It’s a way for her to manage these stressful situations that she’s not prepared for.

Nobody knows better than Kamala that she’s not popular. This is the woman who had dropped out of the Dem primary early because nobody wanted her. Kamala knows this, and she also likely knows that she and some pathetic Alzheimer’s patient didn’t earn 81 million legal votes… and that likely haunts and taunts her.

And it shows. She seems ill-qualified, confused, and totally out of her realm. And it doesn’t help that every time she opens her mouth something stupid comes spewing out. I mean, we’re used to that with Joe, but Kamala is like 20-some years younger. So, what’s her excuse?

It just feels like her entire political career is a folly.

And speaking of a “folly,” another very awkward moment occurred on the White House lawn recently, where Kamala walked up to speak at the podium, right as the announcer was welcoming another name, “Heather Kurtenbach.”


Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can ever go right for this bumbling lady.

And of course, she cackled nervously.


Here are comments from folks online.

“God she’s so horribly unlikeable what the f**k”

“SNL is real life now and it’s even less funnier than the show.”

“Announcer didn’t get the updated change after the CNN article lol”

“LMAO. She’s so unlikeable… even they don’t want to hear her speak.”

“The cringe is strong with this one”

“Let’s Go Heather”

“Apparently, she’s invisible to the White House too.”

“Her laugh is going to be the demise of her.”

I agree that laugh – or cackle – will be her demise. It’s a bad nervous habit that makes Hillary Clinton’s “cackle” sound semi-tolerable.

And this latest awkward embarrassment follows a CNN hit piece that claims Kamala and Joe can’t stand one another, and Joe’s people are supposedly trying to push Kamala out.

A lot of trouble in paradise, right?

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