Did you ever watch a video clip that was so epically harsh, that even though the guy getting pummeled is a commie enemy destroying the country, your “human side” kicks in, and for one split second you feel the smallest twinge of empathy for him? That’s what happened to me when I watched this clip of Senator Ted Cruz raking DHS Secretary Mayorkas over the coals. There was this split second where I thought, “Oh my lord, this buffoon is getting his butt handed to him…” Of course, the sliver of empathy quickly wore off and I was back to enjoying the political beat down, but it’s a real tribute to Ted Cruz and his ability to shred a person like a human cheese grater.

It’s quite impressive and scary – but in a good way.

However, I don’t think Mayorkas was having any fun. Not even when Ted Cruz played a rousing game of “True or False” with the unprepared sap. It really didn’t go well for him, and it went even more downhill after the game was over.

I will tell you what’s stunning to see… the amount of insecurity and ineptitude coming from the people that Joe Biden picked to be part of his administration. They are not ready for prime-time or any “time,” for that matter… and you will see that in the first couple minutes of this epic exchange between Cruz and Mayorkas.


And you will also begin to understand why this country is in such a complete and total mess.

You can watch the video below:

Mayorkas reminds me a lot of Kamala.

Here’s this man holding a powerful position, yet he looks like a deer caught in headlights.

He’s unprepared, nervous, and you can tell that just like Kamala he doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing in that position.

I believe that a lot of what we’re seeing happen in this country is purposeful – the destruction is planned – but I also believe that a lot of the failures are a result of a gaggle of complete and total nincompoops running the show.

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